The Enkaigon is a very common creature on Tommp, a planet within a universe under the same label (per Behr P.A.C. standards of planar cartography).

It should not be confused with a "dragon" which breathes fire. The Enkaigon is an elegant creature with wings that are neither feathers nor fins, but a close enough for the purposes of this description. It uses its strange chin-trunk, its traw, to bombard its terrified prey with an black inky substance which causes varying degrees of paralysis. The deadly sludge loses its toxicity after a few hours and can then be utilized as a ready-made ink which is suitable for high-grade parchments.

Enkaigon are suspected to be non-native creatures as their blood runs green as opposed to red. They prefer dryer climates and high altitudes which may suggest a preference for the lighter gases in the atmosphere of Tomp or perhaps merely certain air pressures.

The enkaigon cannot be domesticated nor reasoned with. Despite their shimmering appearance, they are quite susceptable to most blades as their scales are no more protective than those of the common Earth fish.

Due to the peculiar shape of its mouth, the enkaigon must turn its head sideways. Its eyes have a wide range of motion and the socket can extend if needed to get a better view of its recent catch. Its teeth are black and have are similar to ivory, but slightly heavier.

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